Up, close & personal

Today is one of those days. Not my favourite ones.
I feel ugly and lazy and the future doesn't look the best. Like...is the singing thing ever going to work out? Do I have what it takes? I have no idea, really. I can only do my best, work hard and hope for the best. There has just been a couple of setbacks this summer, that's all. And it's normal. But today is just not my day...

I myself love personal blogs, but what I just wrote above freaks me out that I'm sharing such personal feelings with you. But I think it's good for me, I have to come out of my shell some day..

Bought a new juicy hoodie from Svean at Paleet yesterday, it's peach. I love peach!!Wearing it cheers me up a bit, it's so comfy. Just staying in tonight, had originally planned to go out, but don't really feel like it. And it's better to be efficient tomorrow too, now I can work out and practice a lot when I'm taking it easy tonight.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend <3 br="br">

Sailor number 2

Hey loves, what are you doing this Fridaynight? I finished work at eight, had some dinner at Bambus at Majorstuen and rented a movie. I'm working tomorrow too, so I better a good night sleep. Tomorrow night again it might be something else ;)

I have forgotten to share of my summerbuys with you, a sailortee by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Love it. Rachel Berry on Glee had the same on the show, noticed it like a week ago, funny coincidence.

Now you all can comment on this and future posts, looking forward to reading them :)

At the backyard

Again a beautiful day in Oslo, after work I've been playing with Sissi at our backyard. Everyday life, nothing special really happening really...


I really miss your comments on my blog.So I'm thinking of enabling "anonymous" comments, without having to sign in with your google-account. I'm kinda ambivalent on this thing....on the other hand I really want you guys to comment, but then again I am afraid of pointless, mean comments that every blogger seems to get these days. I really don't understand why ? Even the most positive bloggers seem to annoy people.

I would never ever post anonymous comments on somebody's blog calling them fat or ugly or whatever. No matter what you think of yourself it's hurtful and just plain bad upbringing and behavior.

But hmmm...what do you think I should do? I really want to hear your opinions an interact with you, that's the whole point of having a blog.

Love this pic on Carrie <3 :=":" br="br">

What I wore today...

The best time to take a picture of your outfit is when you get back home from work.not. I'm all tired and no make-up left. Anyway, I wore today my old blazer from Philosophy Blues Original which I got for my sister's graduation back in the days.

Scarf cashmere, also from KappaShop in Turku. Shoes suede converse, bag Louis Vuitton.

I also found a new groceryshopper from Monki. Cute,huh? :)

Ready for the marines?

Raining like crazy in Oslo, I feel like maybe the fall is coming...
Went out to Blå with my friend Will, wore my hunters with my boomerang captain jacket and vintage Cartier bag.

On the tram

On our way to a barbecueparty :) Had a really nice time, thank you for inviting us Linda and Kristian!


Why do you always forget to take pictures when you are having a good time? Went out with Will and Marieke last night, a night definitely full of laughter and fun. Now I feel a little bit like this...

Highwaist love

This is what I wore to work today, a Monki laceshirt and vintage Levi's. I can't decide whether they look good on me or not, but I think they are kinda funny.
Sissi got some kisses of course ( tell me if seeing my dog as more as me starts to annoy you, I know I am exposing her a lot :))

Now I am back from work, and you what gets you to Carnegie Hall? Practice!!!
So first some piano and singing and songwriting and afterwards some Zumba at Elixia.
Talk to you later! :)


Back from work and voicelesson and now I am so tired! Just had some quick dinner and some law&order on tv and I'm set for bed.
Found this cute picture that Will took on fb, thought to share it with you guys :) Me, Sissi and Marieke. Looking forward to the weekendfun with her!


I love long, sleepy mornings! Today I'm not going to work before two, so I had the chance to really sleep out. Now I'm practising a little and after work I have my voicelesson of the week :) Hope you all have a nice day :)

No photos please :D

Ulla recommends

I've been founding some new favourites from the entertainment world lately. I am really picky, I hate most tv-shows, but Glee has got me hooked! Okay, it's propably because it's a musicalcomedy-show about showchoir-teenagers. For me that's kinda bullseye. I've also bought the albums from the show, double the fun! The actors are brought in straight from Broadway, and they make modern versions of older pop songs. My favourite is of course Rachel Berry, played by supertalented Lea Michele ( in the picture).

A new blog that I am in love with is the fashion/lifestyle one of Chiara, an Milanese law student with love for Chanel and Miu Miu. Her style is pure couture, mixed with H&M. I find her blog very inspiring. The picture is from her blog

Do you like my recommend-posts? Or is there something else you want me to write about, I'm all up for it :)

Fun and sun at Tvedestrand

What a great weekend behind, still very tired from it,hehe. We were invited to my new friend's Marieke's cabin. Me, Marieke and our significant others( and of course Sissi) enjoyed ourselves with delicious(!!!) food, fine wine, sun and tanning and some serious cardgames. Had the best time, a big thank you to our cute hostess.
Oh and never mind the outfits worn, I didn't really pay attention haha.

Me and the girls :)


I just felt that I had to do a post on Selena, the mexican-american tejano-pop singer. I don't know if you have heard of her but she was a big name in the U.S. in the 90's. There was a movie made about her, starring Jennifer Lopez in her breakthrough role. I saw the movie again yesterday and I just cried like a baby.
What an amazing and sad story. A girl with a heart of gold became a huge popstar, got married and was so happy before her manager murdered her. Such a tragic story, and I feel somehow weirdly connected to her, as a singer. And she was exactly my age when she lost her life. I've been listening to her music on repeat now all the time. I thought I share some of my favourites with you.

This is one of her first hits "amor prohibido"

This was planned to be her first big mainstream-hit, Selena died before it's release.

My quite effective Sunday

Usually my Sundays are totally slack-offs, but today I've been doing a lot of stuff. Washing, cleaning, playing and practising, playing with Sissi.

I know it's Ruisrock ( a huge rockfestival )in Finland right now, and Regina Spektor has her gig there today. I wish I could be there...

at work again

As long as I am an struggling musician, you'll have to put up with my at work-postings :D I hope you don't find it too boring. And I am a good worker though, always take the pictures after we're closed, just so you know :)
Today I wore my Acne tee, bought from Helsinki10 years ago. Matched it with my H&M skirt from last summer, used to wear it all the time at my more "serious" work all the time, matched with pantyhoes, collarshirts and silkscarfes.

I really really need to go to the hairdresser. That's the thing that I don't like about Oslo; I know several good hairdressers in my home Turku, but I'm so careful about who I go to, and I haven't really found "my" hairdresser in Oslo....still looking :)

Ulla recommends music

Sorry for not posting for a few days, I feel like I don't want to write crap postings with nothing interesting for you guys. Anyway, I've just been mostly working and practising. Today I'm going to see my friend Ida and have a singing lesson, gleder meg! I thought it would be cool to let you know what kind of music I love, and maybe you can find some new musicians to add to your playlist as well.

Janita is one of my old big favourites, I've been a huge fan of her's since...forever. She is really really nice too, I got the chance to meet her after her gig in Helsinki in November 2008. She has a really soulful voice, and mixed with beautiful, catchy songs with meaningful lyrics, I have never understood why she isn't more popular. Do you like her?

This is maybe my favourite <3 Let me love you

Pling plong

Bought myself a new keyboard last Friday. It's a small model that is easy to plug in to the computer. I can't play that much yet, but it's my summerproject to learn it properly so that composing will be easier in the future :) Now, off to work again. I'll update later guys <3

4th of July

Happy 4th of July :) I am not american nor have I any american blood for that matter, but the event at Frognerparken today was great! I went primarily to show support for my friends Will and Marieke who had a stand with their yogurt heaven. I'll tell you more about it at a later post.
Anyway, a beatiful hot day in the park, lots of tourists and norwegian-americans of course. We liked it :)
My zebradress is an ancient Tiger of Sweden-dress,bought in Element, Turku. Never wore it actually, found it too scandalous hahaha. Now it's a summer dress.

Last night + new heels

 But now I have to show ou my newest buys, Michael Kors-heels that I found at Zenon at Aker Brygge in Oslo.  As you know, I've been looking for heels for a while now, and these were just perfect. I paired them with my LV Damier Azur Speedy, top from Roxy, shorts from Vila and sweater from Monki.

What do you think? :)

working with Krissie :)

Today's workoutfit consisted of an Odd Molly-tunic I got for xmas, vintage levi's jeans and ballerinas from Zara.

Kristine is the cutest and sweetest person. Love her!


Ihanaa olla taas terve! Makasin tosissaan pari päivää peiton alla ja niistin, mutta eilisestä lähtien olen ollut up and going. Tänään oli date night, olimme katsomassa uusimman Twilightin, iik ihana <3 Mä tiedän, oon ehkä vähän liian vanha tähän settiin, mutta Bellan ja Edwardin rakkaustarina vaikuttaa jotenkin niin..sincere.En osaa kuvailla sitä paremmin, mutta olin joka tapauksessa suurimman osan elokuvasta hymy korvissa :)
Päällä tänään leffassa oli uusi mekko Monkista, uudet balsut Zarasta ja laukku Mulberryn Bayswaterini.

Mietin taas tätä kieliasiaa, tiedän että olen muuttanut sitä about 100 kertaa, ja olen taas sitä mieltä että olisi parasta kirjoittaa englanniksi, koska silloin kaikki haluavat voisivat ymmärtää lukemansa. En tiedä, onko se ihan bad idea?

Var på kino på vår date night med kjæresten, selvfølgelig såg vi den nye Twilight-filmen. Elsket det,synes kjærlighetshistorien føles så ekte og vakkert. Hade på meg en ny kjole fra Monki, mine balleriner fra Zara og min Mulberry Bayswater-veske. Har dere sett Twilight allerede?